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Teacher Training

Billings LIFE NZ offers a Training Program. Part of this is  completed via correspondence. This Course is administered for WOOMB International Ltd by Billings LIFE NZ. 

A three year limit applies for the trainee to complete the Training Program and to apply for accreditation.  

Criteria For Accreditation as a Billings Ovulation Method(TM) Teacher

The training program to accreditation as a Billings Ovulation Method™ Teacher is composed of three parts.

Part One: Correspondence Component

This is composed of Nine sessions. Each of the Sessions includes assessments - Worksheet questions and sample charts.

 Part Two: A two-day Billings LIFE NZ Training Seminar

The Seminar can be attended at any stage during the 3 year Training period.

Part Three: Clinical Component.

This consists of completing a Mock Case Study and gaining supervised clinical experience, which will be added to the trainee’s Body of Work, and submitted as a ‘Case Study’ for consideration of accreditation by the Billings LIFE NZ Education Committee.

For further information on the Teacher training process or to see when a Training seminar is scheduled please phone the National office 0800 NZ FERTILITY (0800­ 693 378)
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Criteria for Re-Accreditation 

Teachers who wish to maintain accreditation are asked to supply details of teaching experience and attendance at continuing education meetings during the three years since the previous accreditation/re-accreditation.  A teacher who has fulfilled the following requirements will be approved by the Billings LIFE NZ Education Committee for re-accreditation as a Billings Ovulation Method™ teacher.

  • been available to teach at least monthly;

  • attended a full WOOMB Approved Teacher Training Program and completed the Assessments Tasks;

  • attended the majority of approved continuing education meetings provided in their area;

  • submits Re-accreditation Form and teaching and professional development Logs

 For further information on becoming re-accredited please phone  the National Office
0800 NZ FERTILITY (0800­ 693 378)
Accreditation is valid for 3 years.