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Preventing Pregnancy Testimonials

Testimonies from satisfied couples who have learned the Billings Ovulation Method™ to prevent pregnancy


My husband I have been using the Billings Ovulation Method™ now for 5 years both to achieve and to avoid pregnancy when necessary.  We have found it beneficial for timing the conception of our children and also a way of strengthening our marriage through communication and sharing the responsibility of our fertility.  As a woman, I feel empowered through getting to know my cycle and knowing that in using a natural method I am taking the best possible care of my body and our fertility as a couple. 


Anna and Barry

I couldn't recommend the course highly enough!

It's great information. Being taught by a tutor was far better than reading it in a book and gave me a better understanding, thank you.


We have found Billings to be a healthy and natural way to avoid pregnancy. We have also found it valuable as it shares the responsibility making it a team effort.


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