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Achieving Pregnancy Testimonials

Testimonies from satisfied couples who learnt the Billings Ovulation Method™ to achieve pregnancy

Mary's Story

I do believe that Billings was the reason why we have our children and am grateful.

'I was introduced to the Billings method™ at an infertility support group that had started in my area. Following investigations into our
fertility, we learnt that my husband had a low sperm count. We used the Billings method™. It was noninvasive, self-directed and supported by teachers who were warm, friendly and clear in their instructions. I felt like I had some control and more in depth understanding about my cycle. 

Tony and Angela's Story

We seemed to have been put in the sub-fertility group after trying to conceive after our (straightforward natural conception of our) first child. We found the Billings Ovulation Method™ a real breakthrough in our attempts to conceive.  We found that we could consistently recognize when I was ovulating and learnt about when intercourse would be most helpful in trying to conceive. It is a small window of opportunity each month so we felt the Billings Method™ really positively changed our chances. We are now pregnant and feel strongly that the Billings Method™ helped us achieve this. We liked that it did not involve medications or physical interventions, just becoming more aware of what my body was doing naturally and then planning action around this.   

We found it took a few months to get the hang of understanding what signs my body was showing. My husband was very keen to understand and attended appointments with me which I think helped in remembering and using the Method. Although  I did the actual monitoring on a daily basis, he regularly helped me look at the chart and understand what we were seeing so it was a team effort. I would say it took stress away rather than increasing stress, because if we missed the right time for intercourse due to not recognizing the signs, we knew why we were not conceiving that month. Once we got the hang of it we conceived relatively quickly. 

Pseudonyms have been used to protect privacy.